Alba Torrens drives the win against China and the ticket to the quarterfinals

Alba Torrens, with 32 points and 30 valuation, led a final worked but clear win against China (68-89), a victory that almost ranks Spain for the quarter awaiting played second place against Canada

The great performance of Alba Torrens (32 points and 30 valuation) carried her to Spain to China, to prevail in the end by a clear 68-89 giving them qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Olympic tournament, pending knowing that occupy final position in the group, depending on the result against Canada.

Continue to have the option to avoid the United States until a hypothetical final has been the grand prize for a Spanish team that has had to fight his own to break the rather more powerful Asian team that a month and a half ago when he apalizó in the pre-Olympic Nantes (43-77).

It was not until the last quarter until they have broken Lucas Mondelo a party that have not been won to a basket of Marta Xargay,-and recovered from physical problems in a foot that prevented him from playing as a precaution against the United States, to final three minutes (68-79). It was the section in which the WNBA was unleashed to complete a 25-9 that delayed the end perhaps excessively favorable outcome to China in the first quarter (18-14) and already traced by Spain in the second and third (38 -41 and 59-64).

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