Ayestarán: “I am waiting, but sure there will be changes in the team”

l Valencia coach Pako Ayestaran, announced news before the next start of Laliga within ten days

Pako Ayestaran, Valencia coach said Tuesday that is waiting to changes is convinced that will occur in the template of your computer with a view to opening the league.

This was said during the press conference presentation Wednesday’s friendly match against a team of Nigerian League to be held in Alzira.

“I would have liked to have another situation but this is what it is,” said the coach, who was aware that less and less time for the start of the league is.

“Anxiety is not going to lead anywhere. They are things that escape me. I have to be focused on the day-to-day,” continued the Basque coach, who took the opportunity to send a message to the sports management headed by Suso Garcia Pitarch order to expedite the inputs and outputs on the template.

Ayestarán urged the club to arrive as soon as possible reinforcements in order to outline the goals of the season: “Once the template perfilemos see the goals,” he continued.

“There are things that can vary over time. There are others that in a few days it is difficult to change. I do not expect big surprises. I know the team I have and I know what I can expect from them,” he said in reference to developments in defense of his team.

Regarding the requirement of Valencia, Ayestarán stressed the obligation of Valencia always be in contention for the Champions League positions.

“One of the things that differentiates Valencia from other clubs with the same objectives is that they can afford transition periods, but Valencia no. You know that the goal is to be in the Champions League, but the most important thing is to know the resources which will have, “he added.

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