Godin will soon name to other two in Madrid

Godin is one of the players who have more social pull. Uruguayan defender is one of the favorite players of Atletico fans and so show. Not surprisingly, his was the header that earned a League in the 2013-14 season (plus another in Lisbon that nearly be worth a Champions). Later this month it will officially open the athletic Peña de Majadahonda Diego Godin. And soon it will Godín Peña Las Tablas (Madrid). After many years in which the rocks were not putting players’ names, it turns into fashion.

There are currently 766 clubs, but several more, specifically seven are waiting to be officially constituted and in the coming months will, for all purposes, rojiblancas rocks. The club, aware of the pull and push with their associations throughout the world, has redoubled its efforts to keep them all active. One of the main goals is to make regular meetings in various parts of Spain with the rocks (in the region of Extremadura, in Andalusia, Castilla y Leon …). The club knows that is a historic and crucial moment, a few months leaving for their new stadium. The challenge is to reach 100,000 members at the time of transfer from the Vicente Calderon to the new home of Atletico, whose name has not yet been revealed. Meanwhile, the number of clubs continues to grow ever month.

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