Lazio, about to win the war by Caio Sevilla

The center is also pending to obtain an Italian passport so you can formalize the sale

Sevilla is making extensive remodeling template concocting a very competitive group. But the new coach Jorge Sampaoli, demand has long been a center left-handed starter. He believes that effective is very short in the back and is obsessed with closing template with the arrival of defender Rodrigo Caio, Brazilian who is now playing the Olympics. Caio was very close to Sevilla, but could outsmart Lazio at the last moment. The Italian club has launched an offer that exceeds the Seville club and everything could be completed within days. Sevilla takes weeks trying to reach an agreement with Sao Paulo. They know that the Brazilian club is very tough negotiating and the first proposal fell on deaf ears. At the end of last week, the Andalusian team improved conditions reaching 9 million offer for 80 percent of the transfer of the player. He was about to close, but the emergence of Lazio finally stop it all.
Lazio reaches 12 million euros by one hundred percent pass and there is no agreement. Sao Paulo stands firm and wants 15 million for this player of 22 years, which portends that Sevilla will have it complicated. In addition, the player is handling his Italian passport so you can get pierced to either clubs. His agent said that this process is already advanced and this week will have news. If Rodrigo Caio escapes, Sevilla manages two options in the European market and certainly sign a left-handed center. Monchi said the staff was already very full, but that would be a last minute icing. And the icing come in the form of defense. A lot of movement in a year that has raised expectations.

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