Manchester City star is upset not to be facing Paul Pogba

Kevin de Bruyne has revealed that he is disappointed with the suspension of Paul Pogba which will see him miss the Manchester derby.
Paul Pogba played a key role in Manchester United’s 3-1 win over Arsenal at the weekend, however this was ruined by his challenge on Hector Bellerin which saw him receive the red card. He will now face a three game suspension, which means he will miss the important Manchester derby against the opposite side of Manchester.
There was debate over whether Manchester United should appeal against the ban or not, with many saying that Hector Bellerin’s challenge was too weak, however the reds accepted it and decided not to appeal. This could be seen as a wise decision, because the three game ban means he will only miss Bournemouth and West Brom alongside the obvious Manchester derby.

Manchester United have struggled without the dynamic midfielder this season, as he was sidelined for the majority through injury. With the derby looking hard enough already, it’s only gone and got harder.

This is something you would think the City players would be jumping for joy about, however reports from Sky Sports suggest Kevin de Bruyne is upset to not be facing Paul Pogba. The statement came as a response to Pogba’s dig at Manchester City, saying that he hoped important players would get injured on their behalf

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