The AFE supports Álex Menéndez after being fired by Girona

The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) has shown support for Álex Menéndez, who signed just over a week a contract for two years in Girona, but the gerundense club rescinded claiming the existence of a serious injury to his right knee .

The president of the AFE, Luis Rubiales, said through a ‘twit’ that the decision of Girona is “unusual, wrong, unfair and, worst of all, sad.”

In addition, a statement AFE, recalls that the Collective Agreement sets a deadline of 15 days to submit the player to medical examination and, in that case, “the medical examination of Álex was successful, being presented to the media as Girona FC player. ”

Training injury
The lawyer Footballers’ Association, Gonzalo Medinilla, says that the cause of the injury occurs after passing a medical and while performing own training exercises.

“Thus was providing professional services with a contract in force, so there is no reason to justify the dismissal,” he says.

The AFE remember Álex Menéndez, last season, has been playing regularly between September 2015 and May 2016 with Sporting Gijon, so Footballers’ Association understands that “is not acceptable the thesis put forward by the club that is preexisting injury. “

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