The modest football asks the RFEF to change the ball discord

Days pass and drench the criticism of Adidas Errejota version with which you should play in Segunda B and Tercera. It has begun to a virtual collection of signatures

The #ErrejotaNo label became trending topic at times this week. And the ball is imposed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to dispute the official competitions in non-organized professional categories remains a source of problems. The graphic testimony with cracked, punctured or deformed balls are the order of the day.

More than 7,000 signatures on the proposal created on the web ‘’ countersign of the indignation of the protagonists of these categories and working with a ball considered very poor for playing competitive football. The spherical with the logo of the RFEF and are the official correspond to a low range of Adidas Errejota, the same ball with the football tournament of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro or the last disputed play Club World Cup. Setrata a replica of the original ball.

Thus, the request will be sent to the Federation’s claim “a decent ball” for the category. In this regard, the newly created Commission Club Third and Second Division B has gone a step further and has claimed the RFEF to provide the original balls and no aftershocks that many problems are given in this preseason.

Pending the decision of the RFEF about it and just two weeks before the start of the League in Segunda B and Tercera, the signature campaign and testimonies on social networks follow. It is, undoubtedly, the ball discord.

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